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October is Not the Only Month Where Magick is Afoot!
Come celebrate the closing of the veil and honor your ancestors amidst festivities and feasting!

Highlights of Your Enchanted Evening
  • Nibble on an array of sumptuous hors d’oeuvres and other delicacies
  • Concoct your favorite witchy potion or enjoy ciders of the season from Eaglemount Cidery
  • Indulge in a little tête-à-tête under a full moon and starry skies
  • Make a bid at our Silent Auction to win something witchy and magickal
  • Dance away the evening in our Enchanting Ballroom
  • Win great prizes in the ‘Best Witch’s Hat’ costume contests
  • Query the fates with a free reading in our Parlor of Destiny
  • Leave a private message for your Beloved Dead in the Memento Mori Urn
  • Take part in the Ancestor Ritual as we observe the closing of the veil
  • Spend a magickal evening in Port Townsend with witchy friends from near and far!

Event Details

Saturday, November 4th, 2017

The Palindrome
1893 S. Jacob Miller Road
Port Townsend WA, 98368

Creative Black Tie ~ Formal or Extravagant Costume
Please see our FAQ for details, ideas and inspiration!

Ticket Info:
Inclusive Admission: $75
Reserve tickets here.

Please make your own lodging arrangements. Click here to see Gussy and Grymm's hotel recommendations.

Frequently Asked Questions

​The 2017 Twisted History Witches Grand Ball Theme:
The Twisted History Witches’ Grand Ball is planned as an extravagant event, therefore we expect all attendees to adhere to our dress code of Creative Black Tie/Formal Costume Masquerade.
​That means:  Tuxedo/Elegant Gown or Other Formal Evening Wear with Mask, witches in their most exquisite witchy finery... Other well-thought-out, well-planned costumes are welcome, including: Pagan Gods and Goddesses, Druid, Gothic, Faery, Historical, Dark Angel, Mythology, Steampunk, Burlesque, Medieval, Renaissance, Vampire, Fairy-Tale, and anything else that comes to mind that one could consider to be worthy of a formal Witches’ Grand Ball. You CANNOT overdress! 

Please, no jeans, no t-shirts, no casual street wear, no club wear, and no tennis shoes. This will be strictly enforced; you will not be admitted if you show up and are not dressed appropriately for a formal costumed event, and no refund will be given. Also, we ask that you respect the formality of this event and not show up in costumes that would be more appropriate elsewhere. If you don’t know what that means, or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

Is there a Costume Contest?
YES! After a little soirée we held last November, we decided contests in the future are a must!  There are three categories for 2017: Best Witch’s Hat, Best Theme Attire (Single and Couple.) Participants will promenade through the Ballroom and their attire will be reviewed by a select number of judges, with winners announced shortly thereafter!  Each winner gets a prize basket filled with witchly goodness.

How much are tickets to the Ball and how do I purchase them?
Tickets are $75 each and are all-inclusive. This means you get into the event, have access to all areas of the venue, and are free to indulge in all the food and all the non-alcoholic drink you can manage.  Two ciders are included in the ticket price.  After the two drinks, you are responsible for your own alcoholic purchases at the bar.  We ask that you thoroughly read the terms prior to purchasing your tickets HERE.

Will there be a photographer or videographer at the Witches’ Ball?
Yes, we have candid and portrait photographers in-house for the duration of the evening! More details coming soon!

We are aware that some people do not want to be photographed or filmed, however, please keep in mind that this IS a public event which will have many people in attendance. If you are truly adamant that you not be photographed or filmed in any manner for fear of recognition, we also suggest masking as part of your attire for the evening, as there will be many people in attendance with cameras and a mask will shield your identity. In short, we cannot guarantee that you will not be photographed or filmed.

Please ask permission first if you are photographing others, and please respect those who decline. Some Pagans or Witches are not “out of the broom closet” and prefer their anonymity, and some just do NOT like their photos taken at all! If this is truly a serious concern for you and you don’t feel that masking will be enough of a shield for your privacy, then we suggest that you reconsider your attendance.

Is the Witches’ Ball suitable for children?
No, it is not. In some Pagan and Witch communities, the Witches’ Ball is considered a family event, but the Twisted History Witches’ Grand Ball is a 21-and-over, adults-only event. Please don’t place us in the uncomfortable position of having to tell you, “No.” We fully understand that your child is mature and would do quite well at an adult event, but due to our strict 21-and-over drinking laws, NO ONE under 21 is allowed into the event. No exceptions. We appreciate your understanding.

Where do I park? Where do I stay?
There is plenty of onsite parking provided at no charge. Click here for places to stay in Port Townsend.

Do I have to be a Witch or a Pagan to attend the Witches’ Ball?
No! The entire event is open to the public. If you are open-minded and would be comfortable with an eclectic mix of friendly adults of all ages, some of whom do practice non-traditional religions or beliefs, then you’re welcome to join us. The Twisted History Witches’ Grand Ball is open to everyone.